Frans Wigger

Managing director. Owner-director with a unique vision, which easily passes into a broad perspective. Energetic and persevering. Reliability in person and as such the driving force behind the company.

Esther Willemsen

As office manager, she is the spider in our web and cement in the organization. A modern communicator who sees everyone for what they are. Versatile, dedicated, professional. Energetic and blessed with a great sense of responsibility. Knows what is happening in the company and between the ears.

Vincent Waanders

Vincent is an accountmanager with a positive drive. Fitness is his passion and his winning mentality and persistence ensure that quotations and orders are approached in the correct way.

Marc van Deth

Our Sales & Marketing Coordinator, the man who does not underestimate the importance of marketing and a troubleshooter who sees a challenge in every issue. Works accurate, precise and solution oriented. A controller in heart and soul.

Mark Hesselink

Purchaser and logistics, or in just Oldenzaals: our process-oriented man. Works quiet, neat and precise. Targeted puzzler, handy with the computer and does not give up easily. A backup for all employees.

Christine Koop

Telephonist / receptionist and assistant certificates. Big chance you will speak to her first when you call NWFF. Cheerful and friendly, although also a little stubborn, but always focused on solutions. She is responsible for proper handling and dispatch of the certificates.

Thijs Wolters

This quiet man is the perfect link between our sales department and warehouse.