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Nijhuis & Wigger B.V. Flanges and Fittings is a professional specialist that supplies a total package of flanges, fittings and pipes. We concentrate on end users and have a fixed customer base in the (petro-) chemical sector and the oil and gas industry (on- and offshore), equipment construction and the energy sector. We are also a strategic partner for specialists concentrating on other branches such as the utilities and the shipbuilding sector.


Product range:


Reliability is the keyword

With our experienced team, we constantly aspire to achieve the highest degree of reliability. This is expressed by clear communication, personal but commercial consideration and interest, thinking together with you towards solutions and alternatives, an optimal supply chain and a positive drive. You will always receive a fast and adequate solution to your questions.


Extensive stock in the warehouse

In our extensive warehouse in Oldenzaal, we have a permanent stock of a wide and extensive range of flanges and fittings. You will also find our total supply and delivery programme here.


Saudi Aramco Approved Stockist

Nijhuis & Wigger has been an Saudi Aramco approved stockist since 2010 and herewith complies with the conditions required by Saudi Aramco as stated in the SAEP-347. This enables us to supply flanges and fittings to Saudi Aramco and Aramco Overseas Companies.


ISO 9001:2015 certified

Nijhuis & Wigger has been ISO certified since 1995 and obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2016.


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